Product FAQ's

  • What is the difference between a mounted and a framed image?


    (Sample mount and frame are shown above.)

    A mounted image consists of the following components:
    • backing sheet
    • printed image
    • textured mount
    A framed image consists of the following components:
    • backing sheet
    • printed image
    • textured mount
    • glass panel
    • frame
    Printed Image
    Our images are printed on high quality branded paper that has high colour fidelity and low colour fading properties.

    Textured Mount
    We use high quality textured single mounts made from acid free recycled boxboard (which is compressed paper).

    Low-Glare Glass Panel
    We use low-glare glazing on all our frames.

    Our frames are made of treated profiled wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests. They are white/off-white in colour and are striated.
  • How much does each item cost?

    The cost of each size and type of image is given in Euros in the table below.

    Type Size Net Cost
    Mount 8 x 10 8.12
    11 x 16 13.00
    16 x 20 21.94
    Frame 8 x 10 26.01
    11 x 16 39.02
    16 x 20 58.53
    Card (10 no.) 5 x 7 22.68

    Note: All transactions are made in Euros.
    The selection of alternative currencies is for customer convenience only.

  • What are the product dimensions listed on your web pages?

    All relevent dimensions (in inches) of our images, mounted and framed, are summarised below.
    Please refer to the diagram below the table for an explanation of terms used.

    Image Inner Frame Mount Outer Frame
    4 x 6 7.4 x 9.4 8 x 10 9.0 x 11.0
    7 x 10 10.4 x 13.4 11 x 14 12.8 x 15.8
    12 x 16 15.4 x 19.4 16 x 20 17.8 x 21.8


  • Does the image on your site accurately represent what I will be sent?

    We strive for a high degree of image accuracy and generally the image on your site accurately represents what you will be sent. However, in some cases, the visual representation may show slight variations due to

    • differences in computer screen calibration and
    • minor variations between printing runs.

  • Do you supply what is needed to hang my framed print?

    Yes. Everything you need to properly hang your frame is included with your purchase.

  • Do you have any retail locations?

    No. We do not operate any retail locations. All of our services are provided through our web site and our central order processing facility. We can be reached via email at with any questions.

  • Do you offer a printed catalogue?

    No. We do not offer a printed catalogue. Due to the frequency with which we add new items we are not able to maintain a current catalogue.